By working with, or purchasing from, HDBROS you agree to and acknowledge these policies set forth below. If you have questions or concerns about anything listed, please reach out to your Partnership Director or email bobby@hdbros.com.

Edit Requests

Photo sets come with 5 free edits (edits on 5 images) which include things such as brightening, alignment, and color correction. Extensive or advanced edits such as car or item removal may be subject to an additional fee. 

Matterport Hosting

All Matterport tours will be active for 3 months from their purchase date. After 3 months, we can continue to host your matterport tours for $50 per year, per tour.

Reshoot Policy Guide

We have a few different classifications for pricing related to reshoots, depending on the circumstances. These are listed below. 

COMP Reshoot – We missed something that was noted/discussed onsite, photos are not up to our standard.

$150 Reshoot (5-7 photos) – Photos are up to standard but we need a couple more angles, small reshoot for any updates, exteriors (including if these are rescheduled due to weather). 

$250 (up to 20 photos) – If we will need to capture closer to the 20 total Photos. Typically see this one if the staging was completely redone, or updates throughout the home. 

FULL Reshoot – If you are needing to recapture all services for the home this can be booked as normal by selecting the package needed.

Neighborhood vs Community Photos

Neighborhood photos include anything within walking distance of the property and are included in the overall photo set count. This includes stops within the building such as a pool or gym, or the building/neighborhood sign. Be sure to let us know if there are specific Neighborhood areas you would like to focus on on/and or if there is a certain amount of photos you’d like to allocate towards the Neighborhood.

Community photos are all other photos outside of the property. This includes places such as shopping centers, metro stations, and nearby restaurants. These are added onto the photo set count and are a $100 add-on. Please be sure to send the addresses of the 3 locations you’d like us to capture and we will have this noted. We can also note to get 2 photos per location.

*We have limited stock photos as each agent pays for the specific areas they want per listing and share ownership of the photos. 

Social Media

Your listing may be featured on our Social Media posts, if you would like us to hold off on posting any content please let us know before the appointment so we can have this noted for our team.

Turn Around Time

We guarantee next-day delivery for all appointments completed Sunday-Friday. Appointments completed on Saturday will be delivered the following Monday by 5pm. Video production delivery times are determined on a project-basis and are quoted in the initial consultation; delivery times may vary.

Appointment Prep

Timing is important to us, be sure to follow our Prep Guide (PDF) and forward to the sellers/tenants so all necessary steps are taken to ensure the property is prepped and ready to shoot upon arrival. Until further notice, our team members are being instructed not to touch anything inside of the property. The time on site can vary based on services.

Rescheduling/Cancellations and Weather Concerns

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, not due to inclement weather, are subject to a cancellation fee. If you are rescheduling your appointment due to inclement weather, we require a minimum 2-hour notice. Ex: Appointment time is 1 pm on Friday will require notice before 1 pm on Thursday.

We always recommend rescheduling for a nicer day but ultimately allow you to make the final decision. If you do not wish to reschedule and the weather prevents us from getting Ground Exteriors and/or Aerials done, we can have these scheduled separately. Ground Exteriors can be rescheduled separately for $150 and Aerials for $250. If it is not actively raining/snowing we are able to touch up the exterior photos with some nice sky replacement if it is gloomy. It will your responsibility to reach out to our Scheduling Team with any weather concerns. If you will be looking at rescheduling we will need to know no later than 2 hours before the start time. If we do not hear back we will assume we are still confirmed and will continue out for your appointment.

*With the winter conditions there is a possibility that due to road conditions our team members may not be able to get to the property safely in which case we will be in touch the morning of your appointment to go over rescheduling options. 


Upon booking you have started a Pre-Authorizaion on your card. Payment is not processed until the appointment is completed. Your payment will be processed the day after the appointment. In the event that the Pre-Authorization expires, your card expires or we are unable to process payment through the information provided you may recieve an emailed invoice for processing payment.

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