Which Photo Count Should I Choose?

Choosing which package is best for your listing is totally up to you, but I think we can all agree that photos are a must. They’re your ‘bread and butter’ of listing content and there’s a lot you can do with one photoset. We still like to provide you with some options because we know that every listing, and every photo count, is different. 

‘How many photos should I get for my listing?’ is one of our frequently asked questions, and we’re here to help! Just like your packages, the amount of photos that you get is totally up to you. We don’t force you into purchasing a certain number of photos based on the square footage of a home, or the features of a property. We know that just isn’t feasible, so we leave that up to you! We do however have some suggestions if you’re looking for the best photo count for your current needs. 

We created this graphic below to quickly depict some photo count suggestions for different home sizes and features. We offer photos in 20, 35, 50, 65, 80, and even 100! We did mention that we like to give options, right? 

photo count

What each photo count is perfect for: 

20 Photos

20 photos are a great starting point! We recommend 20 photo sets for smaller spaces like studios, and those properties that are under 1,000 square feet.

35 Photos

35 photos are our most popular count. 35 photos are better suited for homes that fall between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet, and can usually cover condos and smaller single family homes. 

50 Photos

50 photos are the most versatile photo set, for sure. 50 photos are recommended for listings that are 3,000-5,000 square feet and those single family homes that are a bit bigger or have more to feature such as outdoor space or an extra acre. 50 photo sets are super handy when you have unique rooms, and special attributes that you want extra shots of. 

65 Photos

65 photos are the next step up! We start recommending 65 photos when your listing hits 5,000 square feet so we can fully capture the space. This is the perfect photo count for the properties that are on the smaller scale of luxury. 

80 Photos

80 photos are for those listings well over 5,000 square feet, that have outdoor spaces and acreage to show off. This photo count is great for luxury listings and can usually cover all of the bases!

100 Photos

100 photo sets are reserved for your top tier luxury listings, with all of the bells and whistles. We still advise using this photo set for anything over 5,000 square feet, but getting 100 photos allows us to fully capture acres, outdoor spaces or trails, and all of the details of the property. This photo count leaves plenty of room for additional angles, and special requested shots. 

These are all just suggestions, and we never require you to purchase photos based off of anything related to the property. We’ll always advise you on the best photo count for your property to make sure we capture each and every detail! If you’re unsure of how many photos you should get, reach out to us and we can help you get started. If you’re ready to book your next photo set, get started here