What is the Partnership Program?

The Partnership Program is designed to create successful customers by allowing us to build together.

  • Savings

    Our partners save an average of xx% on the Partnership Program. This program is the sole way to guarantee savings on every transaction- that includes listing content, events, social media sessions, and custom video projects. Every service booked goes towards your monthly fulfillment. This program is completely risk adverse.

  • Service

    Each program is designed to meet your individual business' needs. This allows us to be in sync with you and serve you best. By aligning our businesses, we're able to provide extra support in all of our departments. Your program includes everything you need, and nothing that you don't.

  • Growth

    We're invested in your success. We want to ensure that we're helping you achieve your goals and grow your business. Creating successful customers is one of our core values, and that follows through into each of our relationships. This program allows us to help you reach your goals and further your growth.

Partnership program benefits

  • Preferred scheduling
  • Marketing consultations
  • Access to new products
  • Ability to finance larger projects
  • Monthly reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Discounts on all content

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The short answer is yes. The Partnership Program is tailored to each business’ needs, so no two programs look exactly the same. If you have a high volume of work, are looking for ways to save on content, want to finance larger projects or make one monthly payment for all content, or are just looking for a committed vendor and partner- this is for you.

We saved our partners over $100,000 on their content last year
Bobby Cockerille
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