Our photographers are expected to begin working immediately upon arrival so the home needs to be staged and clear or all people, pets and contractors. If our photographer arrives and is unable to start the shoot promptly due to lack of access, the home not being ready or people other than the agent are on site, you may be assessed cancellation fees. To show the property in it’s best light we recommend treating the appointment as you would an open house or showing. Follow our updated home prep guide (and forward to the homeowner!) for best results.


How long the shoot will take? 1.5 hours or less.


Clean homes photograph the best! Having a clean home is a necessity for selling. We recommend spending time cleaning the home like you for an open house!


Home needs to be completely clear of people. Everyone needs to be out of the house, or on a separate level. This lets us operate more efficiently, and ensures the best possible results (less distraction is better).


General tips

  1. Turn all lights ON, replace burnt out bulbs.
  2. Turn ceiling fans OFF.
  3. Pull blinds all the way UP.
  4. Remove all clutter. Less is better.
  5. Remove pets, cages, food and water bowls.
  6. Remove/ Hide trash bins.
  7. Turn OFF all TV’s.



  1. Remove cars from driveway.
  2. Hide trash/ recycling Bins.
  3. Close garage doors.
  4. Remove any lawn clutter (ex. Garden hoses, tools, toys, etc).
  5. Clean/sweep any patio furniture.
  6. Perform basic lawn maintenance (ex. Cutting grass)


Living Room

  1. Arrange Pillows neatly.
  2. Remove TV remotes.
  3. Remove magazines, books, and clutter from tables.



  1. Remove all countertop appliances (toasters, small microwaves, keurigs, paper towels, etc). The counters should be clear with the exception of fruit bowls and decor.
  2. Remove all refrigerator stickers, magnets and photos.
  3. Remove trashcans/ dog bowls.



  1. Make beds.
  2. Remove dirty laundry.
  3. Fluff pillows.
  4. Clean underneath the beds!



  1. Remove dirty towels.
  2. Remove dirty laundry bins.
  3. Remove countertop clutter (toothbrushes, hygiene products, hair dryers, etc).
  4. Clean towels should be neatly hung.
  5. Remove soap and shampoo products from shower (unless decorative).


Staging tips

  1. Less is better, keep rooms clutter free.
  2. Bowls of fresh fruit can liven up a kitchen.
  3. Remove small rugs to help show flooring.


Twilight Prep


Due to the very short window of time available to capture twilight’s, it’s imperative that the exterior is ready.


  1. All interior and exterior lights should be ON.
  2. Blinds should be all the way up, and curtains drawn back (so you are able to see inside the home from the exterior).
  3. Driveway should be clear of any vehicles.
  4. Close garage doors.
  5. Move trash cans away from home.  Hide in garage, or down the street.
  6. Yard should be clear of any clutter (hoses, toys, etc).