Why You’d Want To Get Content On A Listing That’s Already Sold

You’re probably used to booking a package for a listing to get the property sold. You go through the service options, consider what the listing needs, and schedule it quickly so you can sell it just as fast. But what do you do when you happen to sell that listing before it goes live? Do you keep or cancel (the listing appointment)?

You should keep the appointment, and here’s why


You want your branding to be consistent. If you’re using the same service provider for all of your listings, you probably convey a certain look or aesthetic in your branding. Missing a listing isn’t going to ruin your branding, but you have no marketing proof of it. Don’t miss out on a good opportunity for content.

No-Pressure Content

Utilizing a listing that’s already sold for content allows you to get content based on your marketing plan, and not necessarily based on what you need to sell that listing. It’s an easy opportunity for no-pressure content. 

More Uses for Content

If you can’t post the listing, or don’t want to advertise it once it’s sold, there’s other ways you can utilize that for content. If you grab a photo set of the listing, you can rebrand those photos with your logos, images, and other icons. If you want to take that time to get creative, use it for a chance to do an agent feature! Get on screen, chat about the benefits of working with you as an agent, and keep your marketing material consistent. 

Don’t skip out on opportunities for good content. Being consistent through your marketing efforts is what helps potential clients remember your brand, the way you want them to remember you (and for the listings you want them to remember you for).