If you’re in the real estate industry, there are plenty of reasons to incorporate video into your marketing plan. Consumers are looking for video, and the companies that offer it are getting a big advantage. Many databases such as, and MLS reward users by boosting listing video to the top of search results. With 90 % of homebuyers starting their search online, video is the most economical way to reach your audience.

Why use video?

  1. Save time . Listing video create a 24 /7 open house that homebuyers can access from across the country. This saves you time on wasted showings, giving you more time to spend with serious prospects.
  2. Reach more buyers. Video ranks higher on search engines like google, zillow, and youtube— so your listing videos get boosted to the top of search results.
  3. Win more listings. Only 20 % of agents offer listing video service to their clients, yet 90 % of sellers want to list with an agent that gives them video. Offering video can give you a competitive advantage over agents who only offer photography

Tips and tricks

  1. Keep your videos short. The average viewer loses attention after 2 minutes, so make sure all the interesting parts of the home are captured in that 120 second window!
  2. Use stabilization for your listing videos. You can use video stabilization tools like DJI’s OSMO to get decent results, or you can save time and hire a professional!
  3. Upload your video onto multiple platforms. The more places you host your video, the more likely it is to be seen. Make sure you’re uploading to , Youtube, your local MLS, and social media website like Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Don’t forget to use meta-tags when you can. Youtube and Facebook allow you to tag your video, which helps optimize search results. Get creative and add tags that boost your video. Good tags start with city, state and neighborhood of your listing!