Navigating the market to get more views on your listings can be tricky. We’re still riding the wave (the aftermath of 2019-2021) but we’re starting to notice some slight changes that have made the market a little bit more competitive. We started seeing an increase in inventory in March, up around 25% from February. Interest rates are still the highest they’ve been in the past few years, alongside median home prices. If you’re a real estate agent, this is not news to you- it’s the reality you’ve been living for the past two (going on three) years. So what does it mean? How can you still ensure that you, and your clients, come out on top? You need to be agile and strategic about how you market your listings. 

There are so many variables to successfully marketing your listings, but I think we can all agree that more views = more potential clients = less time on the market. It’s a win-win all around, but it’s not always as straight-forward as it seems. With so many ways and places to market, how can you be sure that your efforts aren’t wasted? How can you ensure that you’ll get the most views on your listings? We’ve got some insight on what’s working in the ‘now.’ 

You see it everywhere, we say it until we’re blue in the face but marketing with video, especially on social media, is what’s working. It comes down to simple science and human behavior, but in layman’s terms it’s how we’re most likely to receive and digest information and how we like being sold to. In particular, consumers really like short form video, which is why you may have seen a rollout of vertical videos that are on average, 30 seconds long and supported by a majority of social media platforms. 

In *short*, short form video appeals to our brains in ways that other content cannot. It helps break through barriers faced in marketing and advertising that other content has not been able to hurdle, and lets us get our message across to our targeted audience more effectively. The great thing about the uptake in these videos is that they give us SO much room for creation. 

Time is of the essence in this market and we fully understand the hassle that can be content creation. If you’re interested in learning more about how to integrate more engaging, and lead-stimulating content, into your marketing plan- let us know! We have plenty of content solutions to assist you and are always happy to provide some tips and tricks. 

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