This production for We Feed Raw was a little more unique than some of our other productions, in that the client wasn’t present for any of the filming. This is very typical of larger companies or companies that are requesting marketing material from a creator that isn’t in the same location as they are. However, proximity has no adverse effects on quality. We did thorough research on the brand to understand how they operate, what they stand for, and who their audience is. We Feed Raw is a family-owned, raw food company for dogs so there are a lot of complexities to their brand. 

Storyboarding and concept development was done with the brand to find out what story or narrative they wanted to portray. The intention with this particular project was to provide a production that they could use for advertising on their social media platforms. We had a good amount of range on the specific concept as long as we accurately portrayed the brand and their values. Once we understood their preferences, and learned the ins and outs of ordering with them we got to planning. 

We decided that we wanted to tell an emotionally compelling story that was bigger than feeding your dog a ‘better’ product. We Feed Raw is heavily invested in providing the best source of complete nutrients to your pets, to allow for a longer and healthier life. They invest in quality practices, recyclable shipping materials, are family owned and provide convenience to their consumers. This gave us room to explore different concepts, and come up with what we thought was best. 

We decided to show the increase in quality of life by utilizing their product through the pet-owner dynamic and relationship. After coming up with a timeline, and necessary resources we planned out the logistic details. They are a dog food brand so we knew we had to include a friendly, furry, face. We also wanted to utilize the adventure aspect of the brand, while showcasing how it’s meant for the everyday family pet. We included scenes at our local river and in a home to portray that range. The audio was created around the same narrative. Once we figured out when we needed to be at the river, and what time we needed to feed the dog, we scheduled a filming day. 

We scheduled 4 hours to film this production. Being that we were working with an animal, it does take a little bit more trial and error than working with human actors. We also had to think on our feet and adapt to the situation at hand, to be sure we could capture all of the necessary elements. After getting the footage we needed, we went back to piece the project together. Editing this production took [a certain amount of time]. We collaborated with our editing team to ensure the placement of clips told the story that the brand envisioned. After we knew we had a heartful video that told the story perfectly, we delivered the final product for the brand to market with!

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