This project with Brown Distributing was one of our earlier productions and still holds a special place in our hearts. Our headquarters office is located in Richmond, VA and Brown Distributing is one of the most well known distributors in our beer-town. We were originally collaborating on a video for their distribution process, but wanted to find a way to draw in viewers and bring more life to what can appear mundane. 

In our concept development, we determined that the distribution process was a must-include. Through these conversations and storyboarding, we were able to dig a little deeper and determine why this is so important not only to the brand but the consumers who support it as well. In talks with Brown, we uncovered some tidbits that ultimately helped shape the audio throughout the video and the entire narrative. Once we knew that we would be including a lot of scenes from distribution (including packaging, shipping, and in-store placement) we were able to visualize the layout of the project. 

Being that the majority of the footage would take place in the distribution warehouse, recruiting actors wasn’t much of a task- neither was scheduling or renting space. We did work with the team to find the right voice for the audio and ensure that we featured the local team that supports this distribution, as that was key to the narrative. Once we were aware of the steps of the process (so that we could replicate for the video timeline) and were ready to schedule, we made sure that we would be on-site at the appropriate times to catch each point of the bottling and shipping process. We also determined that we wanted to include some shots of bottles on the shelves and overall views of the city. 

Filming this project took [four hours on site]. We were able to complete filming of the distribution process, recording audio, and additional requested shots in the same day. After gathering enough footage to work with, including different angles, we concluded the shoot. We edited this project in alignment with the timeline discussed, mirroring the series of events that go into beer distribution. After completing the edit, we collaborated with the Brown Distributing team to ensure that this project represented their brand. After approval of the final product, we delivered the video to the Brown Distributing team!

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