This project was one of many advertising videos for our internal marketing efforts. We drew inspiration from one of the varying scenarios that we encounter on a daily basis, going in and out of homes for shoots. It was created as part of a series of advertisements, all focused on home preparedness. The main goal throughout this ad, and the rest of the series, was to find a way to portray the importance of having a listing prepared for our arrival. Educating clients is an essential part of our business and we wanted to find a medium to do so. 

All of our advertisements begin with concept development and storyboarding. Based on our goals, we had the concept in mind. In storyboarding, we spent [about an hour] trying to figure out how to portray that leaving dogs unattended makes a bigger impact on the content than realized. This requires a little exaggeration to show the worst case scenario for understanding. Instead of having one dog present that followed the photographer around the home, we decided to use an entire group of dogs (who were slightly more motivated). In storyboarding we also reviewed things such as specific frames desired, music choices, and on-screen text. 

After we knew what scenes we wanted to film, we had to determine how to develop them. We work out of an office, so we needed to secure the proper setting. This required getting a home that we could have dogs in. This also required recruiting a few willing volunteers to be actors (shout out to our office full of dog owners!). Once we finalized the location and additional resources that we needed, it was time to schedule the shoot and plan for an appropriate amount of time. 

This advertisement took about an hour of filming, and two videographers. Certain scenes requiring elements out of our control take a few run-throughs. Once we ensured the raw footage was what we needed for the final product, we got to editing! Editing this production took about 2 hours. We collaborated between our editing team, and our marketing team, who had the original request for production. Once the marketing team was pleased with the final product through [one round of edits] we delivered the final product. 

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