Did you know that more than 92% percent of homebuyers are using the Internet to help them find their next home?
Even though the study was conducted in 2013, this percent is nowadays even bigger. In fact, the Internet is nowadays a part of every activity that we do and has an evolving role when it comes to real estate.
Simply put, every first step in buying and selling properties begins with Google – where home shoppers or potential renters play with their favorite tools when looking for an existing home, a newly constructed one – or an apartment.
The Takeaway From A Market Situation Like This
The takeaway from a situation like this in the real estate market is simple – companies can’t afford to say no to online marketing – and consumers can only try to look for better ways to engage with the listings and accurately review them.
Well, one of the ways that helps with this is video marketing for real estate. It’s main aim is simple – to showcase every corner of a property in the best light possible, so that the buyer or renter knows what to expect.
Real estate video marketing has already existed for a couple of years. It all began when homebuyers increasingly turned to video for house hunting – and saw it as the most effective ways to corner the online market, narrow down their selection of potential properties and come with a clear decision.
Still Not Sold On The Real Estate Videos Idea?
If you still don’t believe that real estate videos are one of the best things that happened to online real estate, let these statistics convince you.
According to surveys, even 85% of buyers and sellers want an agent who has video marketing – and only 15% of real estate agents have a video presence. Video has also shown to increase leads by even 403% according to a study by Domain.com. In other words, all the properties listed with video has generated four times the number of quality leads.
The list of channels where real estate videos fit perfectly goes on and on. From email marketing to social media, they are designed to be informative and engaging – and help everyone with the idea of moving to a new place to better visualize it.