Today, we’re going over the three biggest social media mistakes that we see real estate agents make. Social media platforms are gaining users at an exponential rate. The more users on a platform means more competition for views, and you want to maximize your reach- especially when you’re using your platforms to sell.

The first mistake that we see is posting links to a social media platform. We’ve all been guilty of directly posting a link from one social media platform (i.e. Youtube or Facebook) to another, but did you know that it actually lowers the amount of reach your post has? Social media platforms don’t want you promoting another platform, so these posts receive lower amounts of attention and engagement. We recommend uploading your content separately to each social platform.

The second mistake is not posting enough or consistently. A lack of consistency in social media posts leads to a lack of interest in your content. If your followers are relying on you for a certain type of content, but they’ve stopped seeing your posts, they may start looking for it elsewhere. Consistency in posting isn’t just important for when you post, but also what you post. Providing consistent high-quality content, that is relevant to your audience, is what will keep them coming back.

The third mistake is not engaging with your audience. Consumers use social media as a search engine, and they want to see that you take it seriously as a brand. Your social media platforms are a two-way street and your followers expect a response. Regardless of the comment- respond to your followers’ comments professionally and within a decent time frame.

That’s it for today’s social media tips. If you found this helpful, share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more tips on #winningmorelistings via social media!