What’s the best industry trend that you’ve seen over the last year? So much change and uncertainty has brought so many new norms to fruition (like winning your sellers $50K over asking or doing zoom calls in your sweatpants). One of the things that we’ve ironically enjoyed is the sense of urgency in the market- it’s rippled through the whole industry and we’re no stranger to the aftershocks. 

Providing the right content for your listing can be the difference in days to weeks on the market. You can’t afford to fall behind on your content and industry standard requires more than a cell phone album of photos. Buyers want to scroll through photos of a listing but they also want to look at the layout, and maybe tour the inside of the home, and then watch the highlight videos while they envision themselves living there. Buyers want to experience a home multiple ways.

We saw the trends shifting and we quickly followed suit with our package-model [package (n): any combination of two or more services]. Booking a package saves you time by only having to book (and potentially show up for) one listing appointment. It’s also the way to get the largest savings with HDBROS. For each service you package, you save $150 off of your total purchase amount. For example, if you book a package with premier video, 50 photos and a twilight add-on, you’ll save $300 on the total shoot cost for adding on two services

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Save when you package