We’ve been providing high-quality real estate photo and video content for the past 9 years (woah). We honestly can’t believe that it’s been almost a decade of serving our favorite agents. What’s even wilder to believe, is that we’ve offered the same video style (for real estate) for all 9 years… Until now.

We released our new video style, named the Premier Video, in summer of 2021. We then coined the term Standard Video for the traditional listing highlight that we’re all familiar with. What might still be a little unclear, is the difference between the two videos and when to use them in your marketing.

Our Standard Video is a 60-second highlight of your listing. We use wide angle lenses to capture entire rooms, giving clients a view of the property as whole. -Our Premier Video is a creative story-depiction of your listing including close-up, detailed shots. We use a slightly different array of gear for this style of video, including zoom lenses.

Our video styles are versatile, however we want to provide the best value to you. When choosing a Premier Video, we recommend considering the type of listing and the preparations needed. The Premier Video is intended to be more emotionally compelling, and therefore requires a luxury home and/or staging in the home.

Additionally, you can always enhance your video packages with any of our add-on features. Adding on twilight, aerial media, or an agent feature (on-screen audio) can be the perfect finishing touch to either of these video styles.

Check out the examples below to see which video style is right for your listing!

Premier video sample

Standard video sample