We had spent quite some time perfecting our package selection. We collaborated with you along the way and used your feedback to create a selection of services, each designed with each of you in mind. Somewhere along the way it got too complicated. So we’re simplifying things. 

We now have two main package options- The Standard Package and our newest addition, The Premier Package. From these two packages you can book almost any variation of shoot with HDBROS! You’ll simply select your package based on the style of video that you prefer, premier or standard. From there, you can customize your shoot anyway that you see fit. 

Premier video packageStandard video package

The main difference in the two packages is the style of video. A standard video is a listing highlight video that shows off the main spaces of the home. A premier video is an ultra-smooth cinematic video featuring zoomed-in detail shots of architectural features and sound effects to create a story brand.


Wondering what this makes booking your shoot like? It’s even easier than before. Select your style of video. Using the drop down menus, choose your photo count and square footage. Using the toggle features, select your add-ons such as an agent feature, twilight footage, and aerial media. Review your cart, complete the booking form, and you’re done!

Package Toggles

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