Summer is officially here!

We’ve been preparing for a lot of welcomed change this summer, and we think you’ll be thrilled with the result. We’ve made slight adjustments to our packages and ordering options, with all of our clients in mind.


First things first, we’ve released a new ordering feature. HDBROS now offers bundled packages- shopping for your listings just became so much easier! There are three package options and they’re all waiting for you at the top of our booking page. The breakdown of the packages is as follows:


The Video Package: this package is a frequent flyer, we’ve just finally given it a name. Probably our most purchased duo, this package includes one of our listing videos and 30 enhanced photos.


The 3D Package: this package is the perfect for the virtual lister, or the one who’s always on the go! Reach more potential sales online with our bundle of 30 enhanced photos and Matterport 3D modeling. 


The Luxury Package: this package has it all- literally. This bundle saves big by combining the best of the video and 3D package, giving you 30 enhanced photos, one of our listing videos, and Matterport 3D modeling. 


The packages aren’t the only thing we’ve decided to change up. Enhanced photos have always included 30-45 images, with edits like clearview windows, TV replacement, virtual fireplaces, and grass enhancement. 30-45 photos might seem overwhelming for a smaller listing like an apartment or studio, or underwhelming for those larger homes with massive square footage. We know how much everyone loves enhanced photos, and we don’t blame you! There are now six order options for enhanced photos, so you really only pay for what you need. The ordering options for enhanced photos are now as follows: up to 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 100 enhanced photos! 

We hope you enjoy all of our new ordering options! Contact us today to book your next shoot.