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Let’s face it – if there is one celebrity hotspot in the United States, it has to be Los Angeles. The oceanfront mansions, luxury sports cars and celebrity real estate makes the city of Los Angeles the true Californian dream. Aside from this label, LA is also one of the most populous and ethnically diverse cities in the country.

A home of the Hollywood scene, everything in Los Angeles makes you feel special and makes you want to visit more of the stylish places. Seeing celebrities is fun, and you can easily do that while getting coffee, going to the gym or just walking down the street.

From palm trees to wide boulevards and nice architecture, there are many attractions that make LA great for both tourists and residents. Some of the most popular include the wax museums, the Walk of Fame and the surfing lessons in Santa Monica. Venice Beach is also definitely worth visiting – just like getting a bike or skateboard under your feet and riding along the oceanfront while the sun is setting.

The cuisine is great everywhere, and most of the amazing meals don’t cost a fortune. The neighborhoods are disjointed in social class, interests and architecture, making LA a hub of different cultures, ethnicities and social standards. According to many, Los Angeles is its own place – and the true heart of California.

That being said, either you get around it and make it your favorite spot in the world – or you quickly get nervous and leave it. As a city that is unique among the alpha cities of the world, it has a lot to offer from entertainment to beach culture and many other (stereotypically good) things that make it special.

One of the best things, according to many, is the fresh and high quality food which is always put in the spotlight. There is a craze for veganism, nutritient-rich foods and healthy lifestyle with many incredible restaurants of every type. So, why not end your walk near the oceanfront with a super nutritious smoothie – or just enjoy the night in a top rated gluten-free restaurant?