If our Premier Package had a dating profile, it would probably look a little something like this: 

Premier Video

Pretty emotionally-provoking, but guaranteed to get you the views you’ve been dying for. My video is still a minute to a minute and a half long, and I really get up-close and personal. I’m the total package, so what are you waiting for? Swipe right. 

In all seriousness, the Premier Package speaks for itself. 

We’ve been preaching for weeks about the importance of video, but let’s be real- everyone is adapting to using video. Social media platforms are pushing video, attention spans are getting smaller, and video is what’s getting the views. 

Strategizing a way to get ahead of the curve in video marketing is what will be the most important over these next few weeks. You can experiment with different styles and techniques and see what works best for you (like most will), or you can try out the Premier Package and watch the results unfold. 

The Premier Package is called premier for a reason; it’s next level in terms of attention-grabbing. When we first sampled this video with some of our clients, they were blown away by how instantly emotionally invested they became after watching it. The video length is essentially the same as our Standard Video, but the details are what set it apart. 

The Premier Video tells a story that no other video, or photos alone, can do. We feature unique moldings, exposed beams and brick, and crackling fireplaces. We provide specific sounds to enhance the experience of the video, and truly let you immerse yourself in the viewing. The transitions of the video keep viewers enticed and waiting for the next surprise of the home to be revealed.

As always, we’re working to make you more successful. We’re creating resources to help you Win More Business, and hope you enjoy this newest tool. Check out some more examples of this video, how it compares to our standard video, and get started on yours when you’re ready.