Hey guys. Today we wanted to talk a little about Instagram reels! Reels are Instagram’s newest feature released back in August. They’re used for creating 15-30 second entertaining videos, just like TikTok. Instagram has restructured its platform to promote reels, which allows for more views and engagement than regular content. So start creating reels!!

One of the coolest features about Instagram reels is that you can set your content to popular music without worrying about copyright issues. So, now you can create your content to all your favorite songs! Reels that provide value, inspiration, or education seem to be doing the best for engagement. Some fun video ideas for real estate could be a “new listing teaser” showing off different rooms of the house with some music! You could provide some educational tips about open houses or first-time buyers! Some other ideas could be real estate humor or neighborhood spotlight videos.

Agents, get ahead of the competition. There aren’t many realtors out there using REELS that we see. This is a great time for you to show off the fun and personal side of your brand!