How To Use Your Event Content

The last few months of the year are filled with holidays. Parties, festivals, get togethers- you name it. The end of the year is flooded with opportunities to celebrate. And each celebration is a chance to create effortless content that you can use for months to come. We can take that task off of you with our event coverage, where you can choose whether you’d like photo and/or video coverage. We’ve jotted down a few suggestions below on how to best utilize your event materials in your marketing plan. 

Market for future events / Invite to future events

Event videos are the perfect way to invite guests, or market to potential guests, for the next event! It allows your guests to get an idea of what the event will be like and what they’ll experience when they go. There is no better way to entice invitees than to show them what they’re missing

Website materials

You should be directing most of your online traffic to your main hub- your website, and you want it to be taken seriously when potential clients arrive there. Your website always needs fresh, current content. Event photos and videos are great ways to showcase your brand and some perks that come along with doing business with you. 

Internal marketing materials

We catch a lot of good materials at these events! If you have an internal media system like a newsletter, this is perfect content for those. We might snag a photo of someone making a speech, or coworkers chatting and cheersing. Don’t let those gems go to waste!

Social media content 

Like we mentioned previously, we get a lot of great footage from these events. A ton of which could be utilized, and repurposed, for social media. We love to repurpose content so it gets its most use, like we’ve talked about here. You can use your event video, or photos, and write a caption about the event, your brand, your team- there are so many options! 

These are just a few suggestions on getting the most out of your event content, but it’s clear that it’s oh so worth it! There are so many options when it comes to covering your events, and we like to keep it simple. If you’re looking for a highlight video for social media, and potentially some photos, then learn more about our event coverage here

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