3D modeling is some of the coolest real estate technology out right now. These immersive 3D models put the viewer inside the home, allowing for a first-person experience unlike anything else on the market. These tours engage your potential buyers and allows them to view the property from anywhere at any time, acting as a 24/7 open house. 


Matterport is the most detailed way to view a home and comes with a few great features:

  • Laser measurements
  • Mattertags
  • 2D floor plans
  • Google Street view publishing


Laser Measurements – Matterport lets you measure any space in the house, giving your potential buyers the most accurate measurements from the comfort of their home. It lets you measure any aspect of the listing including walls, windows, and furniture!


Mattertags – Call out icons on screen that have key information about the listing. These are a great way to highlight certain features of your listing and add additional details that you think the potential buyer should know about.


2D floor plans – This feature helps a potential buyer visualize the house and how they could set up every room. Don’t worry about having to pay for any extra services to get this done, they come included with every purchase!

Finally, using Matterport to market your listing looks professional and will help you stand out from your competition. There are some major benefits when it comes to using Matterport. People who market their listing with Matterport can expect to see 15% more time spent on their site viewing these listings and 31% less time on the market! HAPPY SELLING.