Today we’re going to talk about how to upload your listing video to Facebook. Our team recommends uploading your video directly to Facebook instead of sharing links from other sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Google drive. Uploading your listing video to your Youtube channel is great but when it comes to sharing on Facebook you should post directly. Here are a few reasons why.


First, the user experience is much better. The video is displayed in full across the timeline and auto-plays when you scroll over it, instead of the user having to click the link to head to an external website. Also, when you share a link it usually shows an unappealing image and when you post directly it allows you to add an eye-catching thumbnail. 


Next, video uploaded directly will be shown to more of your followers and show up higher in user feeds than videos that have been shared from external websites. Facebook wants you to upload your video directly to its platform rather than sharing from other websites like YouTube and Vimeo. A recent study shows that video uploaded directly can receive up to 300% better engagement from viewers. ( FORBES )


Finally, when it’s uploaded directly it’s saved to your Facebook page and put into a gallery with other videos you have uploaded. This will make it easier for viewers to see your videos when they come to your Facebook page, even if they didn’t see the original post. You will be able to sort this gallery into different playlists and really establish your Facebook presence.