The Instagram carousel option is a great tool. It allows you to share up to 10 different forms of media in one post. Whether its 10 photos, 10 videos, or mix and match. This feature is perfect for posting about your latest listing, a vacation you just took or an event you attended.
First, you will need to get all 10 pieces of content saved to your phone ( or less if you’d like). Open up the Instagram app and press the + sign. First things first, always zoom out after clicking your first photo for the carousel. This allows you to get the entire photo in the frame without being cropped. Then you’ll notice the carousel icon on the right side. Once you click that icon you’ll be able to select up to 10 different photos or videos from your phone’s library. Each image or video will have a number once you click it. After clicking “NEXT” you’ll be able to arrange the photos in any order that you want by holding down on the photo and dragging it.
Finally, make sure to use the proper hashtags and tags to get the maximum exposure! Instagram has over 500 million daily active users and recent studies have shown that carousels typically get better engagement from your followers! We recommend they are a part of your social media strategy! HAPPY SELLING!