Is Your Marketing Plan Fall-Proof?

Are you ready for fall? More importantly, is your marketing plan in shape for fall?

If you don’t already have a fool-proof marketing plan for this coming fall, you may want to get to the drawing board. COVID-19 brought a massive surge of homebuyers into an already dwindling housing market. What quickly became a seller’s, and all sellers’ agents, dream turned into a buyer’s nightmare. Property prices skyrocketed alongside the multitude of offers, causing a buying frenzy. You didn’t necessarily need the full menu of photos and video to get homes off of the market as some weren’t even making it that far. The battle royale of potential home ownership is changing ever so slightly in this coming fall. 

According to the NAR inventory in July was up 7.3% from the month prior, bringing it to a total of 1.32 million available units. We’ve also seen a consistent increase in median home prices, which will continue through the fall. What won’t continue is the multitude and urgency of offers, especially in homes valued over the median price range. With lumber prices returning to a reasonable norm, and a healthy increase in inventory, the sense of urgency in the market will begin to wane. Getting ahead of the changes in the market allows you to set a fool-proof (or fall-proof) plan in place. 

Here are a few tips to help get your marketing plan prepared for fall:

Create educational content: Look at the trends in your areas and pull out statistics that your clients, buyers and sellers alike, would want to know. How long are homes staying on the market? What is the median price range and sale cost? What is the increase in inventory in those niche areas? Most importantly, use those statistics to let them know what that means for them and how you will help them navigate it. 

Map out a content game plan: This is effective (we deem it necessary) all year round. Take a day to map out what you plan on communicating to your audience, aka your clients, for the next month. Write down all of the ideas that you want to share, advice you want to give, and ways you want to market yourself. Set a goal for how often you want to post, email, or write to your clients within that month and map out each topic accordingly! You want to use all of your time helping your clients buy and sell their homes. Having a predetermined plan in place allows that piece of the puzzle to be on autopilot, so you can do just that. 

Schedule your shoots: This one also seems like a no-brainer, but more inventory means more houses that need content. When you’re creating your marketing plan, plan out (when possible) what content your listings will need, and what content you will need. Utilize your photo sets and videos to satisfy your content plan. Have bigger goals or ideas for your marketing? Schedule a shoot dedicated to just that, and get content of your team, your office, and/or your vision. 

Let us know if you have questions about how to get started, or if you want to chat about your fall goals and how we can help you reach them.