Who Doesn’t Want A Discount? 

We released our Premier Package (and video) just a few months ago, and the feedback has been phenomenal. The number of agents who’ve reported selling listings, sight unseen, with these packages is overwhelming. Better yet, this video goes beyond what a standard video can do in terms of marketing and branding. Can you tell that we’re obsessed?

We want to share the love and make this package a little more accessible, so more of you can try it out! We’re running a discount on the Premier Package this fall, allowing you to take 20% off of the total package price, using code PUMPKINSPICE. This discount is for a limited time so take advantage of it while you can- it’s the biggest deal that we offer! 20% off of the Premier Package gives you a savings starting at $100 off. Don’t miss out!

premier discount

We always offer 10% off of your shoot for these two things: referrals and reviews. These are the easiest ways to get a discount with us, all year round. If you haven’t already done so, leave us a Google review and let us know how your experience with us was. When booking your next shoot, let us know in the notes that you’ve left us a review and we’ll apply your 10% discount! You can also email scheduling@hdbros.com directly to let them know that you’ve left us a review and would like to apply your discount at checkout. 

Send us your referrals by having them checkout here, and mention your name on their booking form. We can also help your referrals out directly by having them email bobby@hdbros.com– just tell them to name drop you when they shoot him a message! Referral discounts aren’t just for you either; let your friends know that they also receive 10% off on their first time trying us.