Orlando, FL

Orlando is a city split in several districts. There is downtown Orlando which is the seat of the Orange County government and a place for many entertainment venues – and the residential Orlando, which has developed in the 1920s, featuring canopied oaks and lakefront bungalows. And then there is the touristic Orlando that everyone knows – a home to seven of the world’s top theme parks and a base that is welcoming more than 60 million travelers every year.
Still, when you get right down to them, each of these districts is forming the Orlando we know and one that is most appealing to both tourists and residents. From the theme parks to the great nightlife, restaurants and concerts, Orlando is among the forty best places to live and has a widespread employment that welcomes many new residents year after year.
The weather in Orlando is pleasant, despite some of the highs and humidity over the summer. There is also a rainy season when showers and storms are present almost every day for a few weeks, but they come and go quickly. These conditions have been perfect for a lot of wild nature and species around such as birds, turtles, alligators, snakes etc.
The economy in Orlando is not suffering as much as in other places, and the city is still growing as a touristic destination. A lot of that is because of the Disney, Universal Studios, Legoland and similar parks and entertainment venues. For a very reasonable price, you can get premium entertainment for all ages.
Because of the entertainment, relaxed local people and relatively nice weather, Orlando has been welcoming people from everywhere across America. The cuisine is delicious, even though there are not many things that are locally grown in Orlando. The metropolitan area, on the other hand, makes up for everything – offering both tourists and residents a plethora of attractions and activities.