Welcome to the new digitally advanced era. A time when every business is actively involved in the online sphere – and a time when even the simplest online advertisement can get you an amazing return on investment.
When it comes to real estate, the benefits of video go beyond the point of attraction. In other words, not only video helps in selling real estate – it is also one of the most highly sought ways to engage with potential customers and its engagement levels are among the highest. So, using video to sell real estate has been the best thing that set apart many real estate companies apart from their competition.
But how does actually real estate video work – as an advertising method?
The Impact Of Real Estate Videos Nowadays
Even though many people think of real estate video through the home walk-throughs and videos of property images, real estate is a lot more than that. Videos are emotive and give your website visitors a feeling of being there and a sense of feeling the flow of the property and the personality it has.
However, there are many different types of real estate videos as well. For example, there are the videos that sell you the point of difference that a property can make. From animated videos that utilize stats – to videographics (animated infographics) and catchy comparisons, the users nowadays are looking for a custom and personalized approach that talks about their desires and satisfies their needs.
One Minute Of Video Is Equal To 1.8 Million Words
We all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. When it comes to video and real estate, the word count is close to 1.8 million, according to some statistics. Moreover, it is said that the average user is exposed to more than 32 videos each month and that nearly 58% of buyers want and expect to see videos of homes they are looking at online.
Video In Real Estate, So, it is safe to say that video is changing real estate and helping properties to sell quickly. The reasons for that are numerous and generally related to the informative, catchy and engaging style that video is all about presenting.
Have you used video in your real estate ads? Or maybe saw it while browsing for new properties for rent or sale? Let us know what you think about real estate video in the comments below!