Some know it as the capital of Virginia, and others see it as a fun and exciting city to live in with vast history and great historical sites nearby. Richmond is a city with subtropical weather – which means that it has short and hot summers and milder winters. This is why the weather in Richmond is quite sunny and warm all year round.

Instead of the cold and grey mornings, the city offers more than 300 days of sunshine and all kinds of activities for basically everyone. Much cheaper than New York in terms of social spending, Richmond is also an affordable city to live in with a lot of choices for nature and entertainment in general.

Home of the signer of the Declaration of Independence and Virginia Governor, Benjamin Harrison – Richmond has a rich history with buildings like the Berkeley Plantation. Aside from history, there are many great attractions and restaurants that add up to living or visiting the city of Richmond.

Some of the best examples for that are the affordable Greek and Chinese restaurants and the diversity of cuisines around Richmond. The shopping scene is also vibrant – and it all starts from the huge Apple store, stretching through streets flooded with famous shopping brands and six huge malls all over the city.

Richmond is known for the variety of things to do over the weekend. If you are a fan of history, you can always visit some of the most historic sites in Richmond such as The Valentine museum, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the American Civil War Museum etc. There are several great parks and trails that make the city the ideal place for families looking for sunny days in nature.

In the end, it is safe to say that Richmond is not only one of the most historic sites in America – but also the perfect blend of historic and modern, offering tons of things to do and activities for both residents and tourists. Over the past decade, Richmond has also grown a lot and became a large cosmopolitan center with a vibrant business climate and numerous events tailored to different needs and interests.