Our photographers shoot the property "as is". We do not stage or clean during shoots. We do our best to remove small objects that can impact the image, but the responsibility for home prep lies with the agent and homeowner. Additional fees may apply for delays to your photographer. Be sure to follow our home-prep guide to ensure the best results from your listing!

How long the shoot will take? 1.5 hours or less.

Everyone needs to be out of the house, or on a separate level. This lets us operate more efficiently, and ensures the best possible results (less distraction is better).

Clean homes photograph the best! Having a clean home is a necessity for selling. The basics are a necessity (vacuuming, cleaning trash, and cleaning countertops, etc), and we recommend hiring a professional cleaning crew prior to the shoot.

Perform lawn care atleast a day before the shoot. 

All lights ON, and replace any burnt out bulbs.

Ceiling fans OFF. Ceiling fans create motion blur in photographs. It's best to leave them off.

Blinds all the way UP. This lets our photographers capture any views from the interior.

Remove clutter, less is better.

Remove all countertop appliances. Toasters, small microwaves, keurigs, paper towels, etc. The counters should be clear with the exception of fruit bowls and decor.

Remove all refrigerator stickers, magnets and photos.

Remove bathroom clutter. Remove all toothbrushes, hygiene products, hair dryers, etc..

Remove trash bins. For the interior AND exterior.

Remove all cars from driveway.

Close garage doors (if applicable).

Remove dirty laundry from all rooms.

Remove pets, cages, food and water bowls.