Frequently asked questions + Company Policies


How many photos do I get? We provide 30-45 images for each listing regardless of size. This is based off of consumer feedback and listing optimization. Please let us know any must-shoot rooms prior to the shoot. If you would like more than 45 photos, an additional service fee will apply.

How long will my video be ? We keep our videos under 2:30. This is because viewer retention drops off steeply after this mark. We get the important aspects of a home fit into a 2:30 highlight video that engages the audience and draws consumers into your listing.

How do I download my files? We send your photos and video using google drive. In your main folder you will have two separate folders, one for your MLS sized photos and one for your downloadable video.

Pay Policy – In order for our company to perform at the highest level we require payment upon product order. You are able to pay the digital invoice online with your credit card. In order to keep our payment process as simple as possible for all parties we do not accept checks.

Do you offer refunds on services? We don’t offer refunds for services rendered, however we can apply a discount to future shoots. If something is our fault, we will happily reshoot and fix the problem.

Do you offer voice over services? We do not offer voice over services at the moment.

Can I get a custom branded video ? We do not offer custom branding on our videos at the moment. We generate a listing website for every package that is branded with listing agent headshot and contact information.

What’s your rain policy? Rain can negatively impact a shoot. During inclement weather we send reminder emails the morning of shoot, verifying the appointment and giving you first priority on rescheduling options. We will shoot in any weather, just keep in mind our photographers may not be able to capture exteriors in heavy rain. Exteriors may have to be taken on a separate day.

What’s your reshoot policy: If you would like a partial reshoot (new exteriors on a sunny day, updated kitchen, etc) we charge $75.

Do HD BROS. photographers clean stage the home? Our photographers do not stage/ clean up at shoots. They will do their best job to move small objects that may impact the photo, but the responsibility to prepare the home lies with the agent and homeowner.

Can I get aerial photography of my listing? Due to airspace restrictions, and serious FAA enforcement policies, there is no guarantee that we can shoot aerial photography of a property. Depending on the homes location, we may need to apply for an airspace waiver. Airspace authorizations can take up to 90 days to approve. This is annoying, but it’s better than catching a fine.

Do you offer print services? We do not offer print services. However, we can export your files formatted in print resolution- just let us know.

Ownership rights to files : HD BROS. retains the rights for photography and video. Purchasing agent is free to use for any advertising/ marketing they want. We can transfer rights to a third party, we just need consent from purchaser. (Ex. If an agent wants to sell their photos to another agent, that’s fine, we just need the permission from the original agent who paid for the shoot.)

Can I use popular music for my video? We purchase the legal rights to use music. We have a diverse library, and can swap out music if requested, but we can’t use “popular songs” as they have very strict copyright laws.