How many photos do I get? We provide 30-45 images for each listing, regardless of size.


How long will my video be? The listing videos we create are 60 seconds long. This is the ideal length for both viewer engagement and for multi-use across all platforms (Zillow, MLS, social media). If you’re looking for a full walkthrough that shows everything in your listing, be sure to add 3D to your shoot.


Can I print my photos? We deliver your files in 2 formats— MLS and LARGE. We recommend using LARGE for both printing and posting on social media. MLS files are usually very small and not ideal for sharing(outside of that platform?).


How long does it take to get my photos back? Our photographers will edit and deliver your files within 24 hours of the shoot(start time, scheduled shoot time?).


How do I download my files? We send your files through Google Drive. Be sure to check out our download guide here.


How long do you keep listing files for? We hold onto all media files for 3 months.  After that, there’s no guarantee you can still download them. It’s extremely important that you save and back up your listing files for long term storage.


How do I get a listing website? Make sure you fill out a listing form for every shoot! Without this form completed, we are unable to create your listing website. Listing websites are delivered within 24-48 hours of a shoot.


Can you upload my listing video to Zillow? Yes! We are certified Zillow vendors so we can upload your high quality videos directly to your listing! Just let us know when the listing is active(by emailing and our team will submit to Zillow. Please keep in mind it may take up to 24-48 hours for the video to show up on your listing.


Where should I upload my video files? You should upload your videos to as many platforms as possible for maximum reach! MLS, Zillow, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are all great places to upload.


Rain Policy- In the event of inclement weather, our scheduling team will reach out to confirm if you want to keep your appointment! We won’t charge a cancellation fee in the event of inclement weather, so long as you


Cancellation Policy-Any shoots cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time are subject to a cancellation fee. Please make sure to confirm the listing is 100% ready to shoot at least 24 hours in advance.


Cleaning Policy-Our photographers do not stage or clean during appointments, they will shoot the property as is! It’s extremely important to follow our home prep guide to ensure the listing is ‘open house ready’. Following this guide will ensure a successful, high quality shoot.


Pay Policy-We require a credit card to hold prior to booking, but we don’t process the card until after the shoot is completed.


Licensing rights- Our copyright licensing is designed to protect our clients! We grant our clients broad rights to use images in marketing campaigns across platforms like MLS, social media, and all web/print marketing.


How can I save on future listings? – Subscribe to our newsletter for marketing codes delivered every month! Review us on facebook and Google for 10% off your next shoot! We also give 10% discounts on every referral given!